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There’s collecting, and then there’s collecting “Stuff” or what we refer to as, garbage. Now real collectors who invest in art and old cars, they collect these things because they love them and becau...
From the mouths of babes. It used to be so great to be a little kid because you could say the absolute truth and not really get in trouble for it, because you were four and everyone thought it was so...
Most of us won’t leave the house until we’ve gotten our hair “just so.” For some this means using 3 different products to make our hair go this way or that way. Others spend hours blow-drying our dos...
Continuity is something that is extremely important in the film-making process. Whether it’s someone in wardrobe making sure the character’s shirt has the two top buttons unbuttoned all the way throu...
Childhood toys, if kept impeccable, can bring in a pretty penny down the road. Those baseball cards that got traded around can become worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And Barbie Dolls from...
We’ve all been here right. You get home from IKEA with that new table or dresser you just purchased and, once you’ve struggled to get it out of your trunk and up your front steps and down the hall an...
If you grew up going to church you are no stranger to the ubiquitous church sign placed out front of various denominational churches with announcements and sometimes sayings that are intended to lift...
There’s nothing like the feeling of being inspired to try something you’ve never attempted to do before. Which is why the social media site Pinterest has become so popular. It’s loaded with visual ca...
If you’re reading this and single, you’re probably already on Tinder and have seen many weirdos who fail so hard at being sexy, smart, funny (fill in the blank) that it’s incredibly awkward for them ...
Most of us, at one time or another in our lives, have probably experienced being incredibly drunk. The kind of drunk where we either don’t remember a thing the next day, or what we do remember makes ...
From muttonchops to soul patches, pornstaches to chinstraps and everything in between, facial hair is the ultimate symbol of manliness. Who can forget how hunky Tom Selleck was with that thick swatch...
If you are of a certain age, you most likely remember the thrill of watching the old TV show “The Incredible Hulk” starring Bill Bixby as the normal guy and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk the normal guy tu...
There was a time in our recent history when vacation photos were reserved for those evenings when friends and family would gather and be forced to look at countless boring photos for hours. But then ...
Spring has sprung which means in many parts of the country, people are getting their lawnmowers ready for a season of, well, mowing grass. And while most people will have no major lawn mowing inciden...