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If you grew up going to church you are no stranger to the ubiquitous church sign placed out front of various denominational churches with announcements and sometimes sayings that are intended to lift...
Eyebrow game is a term usually used to describe someone with a perfect set of eyebrows. For instance, someone might say that Demi Lovato has good eyebrow game because she has killer eyebrows. Megan F...
The only thing in life better than actual filth, is seemingly innocuous material that is filthy by complete mistake. Just makes us happy. And thanks to the Internet we can peruse pages and pages of i...
Many little girls dream about their wedding day. They dream of the perfect weather, surrounded by friends and family. They dream of the perfect towering cake and the perfect wedding band. And they re...
Well since love is in the air, we thought it might be nice to celebrate all of those couples out there who make us believe in romance and that true love actually exists. Nah, just kidding! You should...
As human beings, we’ve pretty much figured out how to take any kind of technology and turn it into a way to get sex, right? Pretty soon after the cars were invented, we realized the backseat was perf...
Though the word FUN has been at the beginning of the word FUNeral for countless years now, funerals traditionally have been anything but fun. I mean, there’s usually a dead person in a coffin, and a ...
It was so much easier back in the day before social media when we could all pretend that we weren’t a nation of idiots. We could go about our day never being confronted by a barrage of proof that hum...
Before you take a look at these images we would like to say that we think vandalism is wrong. And illegal. And you shouldn’t do it. Now, having said that, there are times in life when a little bit of...
When you think about it, being a domestic dog or cat in the United States is a pretty cushy job, but a pretty dull job we imagine. What is there to do most days? Eat your kibble, nap, eat something e...
If you’re reading this and single, you’re probably already on Tinder and have seen many weirdos who fail so hard at being sexy, smart, funny (fill in the blank) that it’s incredibly awkward for them ...
You almost can’t throw a rock these days without hitting someone with a tattoo. There was a time when only convicts, gang members and proud military men got inked to show their loyalty to the service...
For some people getting older is the pits. Your bones ache and break easily, your teeth and hair fall out, your skin sags, your hearing goes, and your friends all die. For these people the most excit...
Spring has sprung which means in many parts of the country, people are getting their lawnmowers ready for a season of, well, mowing grass. And while most people will have no major lawn mowing inciden...